18‘’ Helios Wheel Covers Matte Black for Model 3

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18‘’ Helios Wheel  Covers Matte Black for Model 3

18‘’ Helios Wheel Covers Matte Black for Model 3


18‘’ Helios Wheel Covers Matte Black for Model 3


Fitment               Model 3 (2018-2023) 

Quantity              Set of 4with T logo)

Colour                  Matte Black

Notes                    Single Replacement Wheel Cover Click Here


TESDADDY offers a wide range of Australian-style Tesla wheel hub covers for your Model 3. Crafted from high-quality ABS+PC materials, these covers enhance the sporty look and protect against scratches. Revitalize your Tesla wheels by purchasing now.

Black Center Cap with T Logo
• Each hubcap features a black center cap adorned with a T logo.
Identical Design for All 4 Hubcaps
• All four hubcaps share the same design for uniformity.
Larger Wheel Look with 18" Full Coverage Design
• Creates the appearance of larger wheels while utilizing the advantages of a 18" full coverage design.
Foam Padding Kit Included
• Comes with a foam padding kit that helps protect your wheel paint from potential damage.
Conceals Existing Rim Damage
• Effectively hides any current rim damage by covering the outer rim edge.
Protection Against Curb Rash Damage
• Provides a protective layer that safeguards against curb rash damage.
Durable in All Weather Conditions
• Designed to withstand various weather conditions without compromising performance.
Affordable and Easy Installation
• Provides an affordable solution and offers a quick and straightforward installation process.
Original Snap-On Fastening Mechanism
• Features an original Snap-On fastening mechanism for secure installation and prevention of detachment.