Panda Cup Holder Insert For Model 3/Y

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Panda Cup Holder Insert For Model 3/Y - TESDADDY

Panda Cup Holder Insert For Model 3/Y


Panda Cup Holder Insert For Model 3/Y

Fitment   Model Y(2022-2024) Model 3(2021-2023)
Material   Soft Silicone


Safety Meets Sustainability:

Crafted from eco-friendly silicone, our Panda Cup Holder is not only free from harmful substances but also non-toxic, odorless, and highly waterproof. Drive with confidence, knowing that your health and that of your passengers are protected.

Stability and Security:

The Panda Cup Holder boasts a unique and secure design, precisely fitting into the center console groove. Equipped with a lock ring and anti-lifting structure, it ensures your cups stay put, preventing accidental spills. Triangular protrusions on the inner walls provide exceptional stability, eliminating wobbling and potential messes.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance:

No tools required for setup or removal; simply slide it into the center console groove. Cleaning is a breeze – effortlessly remove and rinse to maintain a pristine center console, keeping your car tidy and organized.

The Perfect Gift:

The Tesla Center Console Panda Cup Holder is an ideal gift for Tesla enthusiasts. Not only does it enhance the driving experience, but it also adds a personal touch to their beloved vehicle. Give the gift of practicality and style to fellow Tesla owners today.